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Juicing Made Easy – Feel Better, Cleanse, Increase Energy and Overcome Sickness

Have you ever juiced for breakfast, lunch or dinner?  Ever juiced for a whole entire day without eating anything solid? How about 2 days, 3 days or 2 weeks?
I know it may sound a bit loony but it is actually quite an amazing experience to juice living foods.  Living foods are those foods taken directly from creation and consumed usually immediately.  Living foods consist of all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants our bodies need to survive.  By giving us these perfect foods God knew He would be helping our bodies deal with cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases.

Food, unlike popular belief, should be consumed for the body’s health and overall well-being not just for pleasure, but in America, we have this backward.  We consume food mainly for pleasure and rarely for our health or because we are hungry.  And so the vicious cycle begins.  We eat because we are happy, we eat because we are sad, we don’t eat because we think we are fat and what we do eat is loaded with trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, msg, artificial food coloring, processed sugar, and the list goes on and on…
But a juicing fast can end the madness and jumpstart you to a healthier body!

It is sad, but we treat our cars better than we do our bodies. Then when sickness strikes we run to fill a prescription for the magic pill that will eliminate all of our ailments.  Yet, regardless of all the pills and drugs available, developed nations like the US aren’t experiencing better health.  Every year the rates of cancer and other diseases increases in the US and I don’t hear too many people talking about FOOD, juicing, green smoothies, chemicals or about Oxidative stress mitochondrial issues or cellular death.

Why juice?

Juicing is a great way to naturally aid your body in healing itself from oxidative stress which leads to many health maladies.  That is why many alternative treatments for cancer and other diseases depend on juicing as a core part of the healing protocol.

I am frequently asked what is the easiest way to improve overall health.  My answer is simple: a juicing or green smoothie fast along with a balanced and healthy diet after the fast is done.
Smoothie fasts are different from juicing and a bit easier to do since they contain all of the fiber and bulk of your veggies, greens, and fruits.  So you are less likely to experience major hunger pangs which most people complain about for the first day or 2 of juicing.

Juicing is for the brave at heart, the sick in body and the health conscious person who wants to ramp up their body’s response to disease and sickness.  Regardless of how long it takes you to muster up the courage to actually do a 3 day, 5 day or 20 day fast, this marks the beginning of a new journey.  And a lot of things can happen in 3/5 days.  There are 3/5 sunrises and 3/5 sunsets to witness, laughs to savor and beautiful outdoors to embrace.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, you have 3/5 days; what you will do with them is all up to you, but the sky is the limit.

So are you ready?

Starting is easy, you will just need a juicer and your produce.  But there is one important piece of information.  If at all possible please only use organic produce to avoid ingesting high amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

So what juicer should you use? 

I believe you should use anyone you have on hand.  My first juicer was a Jack Lananne juicer.  Not a top-notch, fancy or professional juicer at all.  However, I used it just fine for almost a decade before upgrading to a Breville 800 JEXL Juice Fountain Elite.  The Juice Fountain Elite has two settings which makes it super easy to juice softer fruits and veggies and harder ones like carrots.  It also juices pineapple with the skin which is amazing.  Now, I know many people who own more expensive juicers which I hope to one day purchase but I have to agree with other health and wellness experts who go against the grain and say:
“Just use whatcha got”.

If you do not have a juicer and are in the market for a good one then check out some reasonably priced juicers here.
Let me stop for a moment because I know some of you may be a little worried about juicing.  Or maybe your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or family will not support you on your juicing decision.  Are you fearful or do you have any doubts?  Then, this free documentary is for you.  Please take a moment after you read my article to click here and watch one of my favorite all-time films on the amazing benefits of juicing.  Follow one man’s revolutionary journey as he heals his body of an autoimmune disease and helps others heal their bodies too!.

Preparing to Juice

To be successful at anything you must be prepared and juicing is no different.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing to do a juice fast:

1. Get out your juicer or purchase one here.

2. Make a list, check it twice.  Always make a list before shopping.  Be sure to write down the items you are running low on.  Plan on shopping once a week for your juicing escapade.  Farmers Markets and organic coop clubs are a great way to get organic produce at a very reduced cost. Find one in your area here.  For some great ideas on what you can choose, check out this fantabulastic list by Reboot with Joe.

3. Be a smarty pants. Yes, you need to be smart and prepare your produce each night before going to dreamland. Preparing is easy.  Just dump all your produce inside a clean sink. Fill up with water and soak for about 30 minutes in about 50-75 drops of GSE to kill off any parasites, fungus or bacteria on your produce.  If you don’t have GSE you can always just scrub your produce with a toxic-free dishwashing liquid then rinse. We love to use this toxic free, biodegradable, eco-savvy dish detergent and this one too.

4. Juice, have fun and don’t forget to chew your juice before swallowing.  Chewing activates necessary enzymes which aid in digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.
Oh and yes, do store all leftover juice in an airtight glass container in your fridge and drink the same day if possible.  I like using canning jars to store my juices and to drink from.

So what’s on the menu?

You can juice just about anything.  Just be sure that during your fast you drink 4 to 5 eight ounce glasses of juice per day.
My favorite juicing ingredients are:
-Apples (green and red) Just be sure to remove the seeds before juicing as they contain trace amounts of arsenic.
– Green and Red Cabbage
– Carrots (no baby carrots please)
– Celery
– Cucumbers
– Dandelion Leafs
– Baby Kale or regular kale
– Lemons (peeled)
– Pineapples with skin
– Pears
– Spinach
– Cilantro
– Parsley
– Ginger

For some fabulous juicing recipes check out one of my favorite books here.

Need a Brain Boost Juice?

This juice is one of my favorites because it really gets my brain juices flowing and helps me stay alert in times of stress or when I am required to concentrate.  I have used this successfully after having my children instead of coffee and it really helped me stay alert in spite of my two-hour a night sleep routine when babies are just born.

I like to make a lot and drink about 20 ounces in one sitting, so if all you want is one glass just cut the ingredient into half or store your juice in an airtight container in the fridge and drink later on in the day.

You will need:

2 oranges

2 carrots

1/3 of one large sized uncooked beetroot (beets)

½ cup of uncooked spinach

1 green apple

Peel your oranges then juice then along with the carrots, beetroot, spinach, and apple.  Depending on the kind of juicer you have you might have to add these items one at a time.  Once juiced add some ice and drink promptly.  Enjoy

Start your juice fast anytime and be well.
Happy Juicing!

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