Wellness Herbal Tea Recipe for the Immune System

Alright so with all the holidays coming up we are most likely to be outdoors, indoors and surrounded by people.  People who sneeze and don’t cover their mouth.  Little kids who wipe their nose and yes, after wiping they touch the slide, water fountain and bathroom door.  Can you say yuck with me?

No, seriously, this is the time of year when little noses run parades and adult sneezes move mountains.  It is not in my plans to willingly touch a germ infested door handle or pick up a bag of organic veggies after someone walked by and sneezed on it, but this is inevitable.

If I can avoid doing such things I will but unfortunately, we don’t always know who sneezed, what they sneezed on and where their germies will be hiding next.

That is when you break out the tea jar.  Tea: meaning organic and immunity boosting
Jar: meaning a large canning jar or recycled pasta jar.

The recipe is quite simple and extremely easy. Any mommy with at least 5 hours of sleep can manage this.  Husbands too, just be sure to supervise, lol.

The blend is loaded with herbs that allow to body to adapt to moments of stress.  These herbs are called adaptogenic herbs and have been used for centuries to assist our Immune System.  Some adaptogenic herbs include astragalus, ginseng, and licorice root. This blend also contains herbs that are anti-spasmodic (for coughs), antibacterial, anti-viral and all around anti-germs. If you don’t have all of these herbs on hand just using a cup of fresh thyme will make a powerful tea.

You will need the following dried organic herbs:

2 tbsp. elderberries

2tbsp. echinacea leaf and root

1tbsp. astragalus root (cut)

2tbsp of mullein

½ Tsp. dried ginger or 1tsp of shredded fresh ginger

1tbsp. lemon balm

1tbsp. thyme

2 cloves crushed garlic

To Prepare:

In a large (32 ounces) canning or recycled pasta, jar add in all of your germ
fighting herbs and crushed garlic.  Once they are nestled and cozy at the bottom of the jar carefully pour in boiling water.  Place the cover on and using an oven mitten shake your tea like you are shaking a maraca.

Leave the tea in a jar on your counter for 6-8 hours or overnight. Or if you need this right away let it steep for at least 20 minutes while covered.
When you are ready to drink use a strainer or organic cotton muslin bag to strain out your herbs.
You can drink this tea as is but for added benefit blend a large piece of fresh ginger root in 3/4 cup of water and strain well. Add half of this mixture to your strained tea along with the juice of one lemon. When I feel a cold coming on I drink this 2 to 3 times a day and usually by day 2 I am fine.
You may sweeten with stevia or raw honey.

Now here comes the important part.  Be sure to take this lovely jar with you when you are on the go and might be around sick people.  I usually place some tea inside my children’s water bottles and leave whatever is left for me to drink.

During times of sickness at school, I send them to school with a water bottle full of this tea and a thermos full of homemade chicken and beef broth.

Things to keep in mind:

Echinacea is a powerful immune system stimulator so only use it for 15 days then be sure to rest from it for 15 days or more before resuming.

If you want to make this tea for daily use throughout winter just omit the Echinacea or follow the 15-day cycle mentioned above. If you are on GAPS or AIP dietary protocols omit the astragalus as well.

Remember that sugar feeds pathogenic invaders and gives them ammo! So cut their supply and most likely your body’s own response along with this simple herbal remedy will be enough to heal. **We don’t consume sugar at home but do use raw honey, stevia, and coconut nectar when needed.**

Lots of love and wishing you a healthy Fall & Winter!

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