There is always someone who needs your help.
But sometimes we miss how we can help fill the needs of others because we are too busy.
Being busy and stressed out all of the time robs us of our joy and our peace.  It also robs us of our health and overall wellbeing.

If you are in the position to help someone financially, emotionally, spiritually, or physically don’t walk away like you could care less.  If you have more money than you need, please do something for a struggling family. Help a family who is going without food or who has a broken-down car.

If you have enough food for your family and can share an extra plate for a widow who just lost her beloved, make that call and set an extra seat at the dinner table. She will thank you with her tears I am sure of it.

The world is always trying to find God and see the real face of love yet we walk past opportunities that will give us a glimpse of heaven and fill an unmeasurable love in our hearts.

When we give our life not only live it, we become more than just random pieces of flesh and bones navigating through the rough wilderness of life.
When we give, we live.

So give.
Make someone smile.
Help someone who is hurting.
Be the change you want to see around you this new year!
Time is of the essence and we have no guarantees we will be here tomorrow or the next day or even next year.

Lots of Love

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  1. Thanks for bringing out this wonderful article at the beginning of the year. I would like to add only one thing that we can share even under situation of not having enough for us, as it is the common tendency that it is never been enough. I remember my mother taken her elder sister-in-law to the hospital for some treatment when she had bleeding (and eventually had to be operated surgically). Our aunt had no words to thank her when she came to know about this other than tears and a hug.

    1. Moms Mold Resources

      Yes it’s true. Often the most amazing and beautiful givers have given out of loss, during hardship and when facing unimaginable odds.
      But to get to here one must first become aware of all that we have and are able to share with others.
      Having gone through that process myself I would not be able to live any other way.
      Giving of our time, talents, money or possessions when we can and cannot is a beautiful thing.

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