I had to share a podcast I heard this week. Dr. Ruscio a Functional Medicine doctor out of CA had a very informative conversation about mold, mycotoxins, and CIRS (chronic immune response syndrome) with Dr. Jill Carnahan who specializes is treating patients injured by Biotoxins. If you have a moment to listen to this interview please do. A transcript is also included.

Below is a brief summary of points covered.

Dr. R’s Fast Facts

  • Most common symptoms
    • Fatigue, cognitive problems, respiratory involvement
  • Other symptoms
    • Fatigue
    • Brain fog, memory impairment, word searching
    • Weakness, achiness, joint pain, morning stiffness, and cramps
    • Frequent urination, increased thirst
    • Numbness, tingliness, and unusual skin sensations
    • Congestion, shortness of brief, nasal stuffiness, red eyes, blurry vision – very common
    • Sharp and sudden increase in weight
    • Gut symptoms: loose stool, diarrhea, constipation
  • Where does this fit in with other health interventions?
    • After diet, lifestyle, and gut health
    • After simple thyroid evaluation
  • How to diagnose
    • A good questionnaire of history (#1) and symptoms. Musty odors, previous water damage, illness started after moving…
    • Ermi from micometrics for testing dust – one of the best starting tests. Less than 2 is safe.
    • Environment testing is difficult
  • Lab testing
    • Genetics: HLA DR, very helpful. Available through LabCorp/Quest.  Tests susceptibility.
    • Tells if one cannot clear these toxins and creates CIRS
    • C4a: elevations tell probable recent exposure
    • TGF beta: immune activation
    • Life Extensions has genetic test paired with biomarkers
      • Mold bio-toxins & mold genetics – $800 total
  • How to treat
    • 1st – eliminate exposure, top priority
    • 2nd – binders, bile acid sequestrants
      • Cholestyramine 4g 4x/day
      • Welchol 1-2x/day – not as effective but easier to take
      • Best results with clay, charcoal, glucomannan, and Rx all in combo
        • Coconut charcoal, bio-botanical GI detox clay, zymogen glucomannan
      • longer term dosing and on/off use is OK
  • Follow up testing/monitoring
    • Visual acuity assessment
      • Once this improves, you can decrease and/or stop treatment
      • Responds quickly
  • Typical response
    • 1st to respond, visual
    • Followed by endocrine and gut
    • Finally pulmonary and immune

To access the audio interview and transcript please click here and you will be redirected to Dr. Ruscio’s website.

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