New Line of Clothing Highlights Fragrance & Chemical Sensitivity

This Friday, June 5th, 2020, a new line of official Chemical Free Gal™ merchandise for men and women will be available for purchase. In the future, I will also have items for children too.

I’m so excited as this is something I’ve wanted to do for several years now. Quietly, I’ve been designing and putting some creativity alongside my passion for those who are sick over the past few weeks. Above are just a few samples of what you will be able to purchase. 

This new line of clothing was created to raise awareness about chemical injuries, Invisible Illnesses, and other relevant topics and to bring in dome extra funds for our family. 

Since losing most of our belongings twice due to toxigenic mold and experiencing hidden homelessness three times in recent years, things have been extraordinarily rough. Still, we keep pushing forward one day at a time, with God’s help! 

These beautiful items, along with other designs, will be available on Friday, June 5th. Each piece will only be available for a limited time until the new Fall collection drops later this summer. So if you see something you love, grab it before it’s gone.

Lastly please note that I am not in charge of the printing of these products. A third party does that. All I do is design each item. These shirts may not be suitable for those with MCS due to ink sensitivity ect. These were created mostly for others to wear and raise awareness. 

For all of the details regarding this new line of merchandise, please make sure you subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. I’ll be sending out a one-time promotional discount code for 15% off all items on launch day. 

If you’d like to share and support me on social media, please share this post with others and be sure to add these new hashtags I just created. #FriendshipOverFragrance #YourFragranceIsMyNemesis #Imachemicalfreegal #IChooseFriendship

See you on launch day. 🙂

Thanks in advance for your love and support! My family and I much appreciate it. 

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6 thoughts on “New Line of Clothing Highlights Fragrance & Chemical Sensitivity

  1. Great merchandise idea and trademark. Love it!
    Nice designs.

    Claudia S. Miller, MD, MS
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of Family and Community Medicine
    University of Texas Health Science Center- San Antonio
    Environmental Scientific Consultant
    Marilyn Brachman Hoffman Foundation

      1. I just received a tee shirt printed on a Hanes tee…. that was supposed to be for a family memeber with MCS…really? Hanes? They definitely are not chemical free. The shirt reeks of dyes and chemicals. IF I CAN SMELL IT SHE WILL BREAK OUT IN HIVES.

      2. Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry about the sensitivity to Hanes and completely understand. As I mentioned in the post above I did NOT design these items for those who are very chemically sensitive to wear because I am not in charge of the printing or selection of materials. I simply design and TeeSpring a third party, creates each item, collects payment and does the shipping.

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