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Never Starve to Lose Weight; You’ll only get Fatter!

Ever heard people tell you that you must cut your calories to lose weight, skip meals and replace them with processed poison canned diet drinks?  It’s a belief that the health world has been permeated with for a very long time.   But it’s far from correct and has proven to be ineffective not only for long-term weight management but for your overall health.  Eating fewer calories or starving yourself may allow you to drop some pounds temporarily but you will be on your way to a slower metabolism which will eventually make you fatter.

Your metabolism starts to slow in a protective measure to preserve the body.  If you drastically reduce calories or starve yourself your body will start to draw nutrients and materials from tissues and essential organs in order to function.  This can cause anemia, hair loss, digestion problems, poor memory, mood swings and other serious issues.  The only time food should be avoided is when a fast is underway.  Fasting has numerous benefits and will be covered in a future article since it’s extremely important for proper body function.  Most people who live a low-calorie diet are obsessed with eliminating all fats from their diets, another error.  Our bodies need fat like Spiderman needs his webs.  Yes, sounds silly but without good wholesome fat our bodies are not protected. Fat not only protects our nerves but it coats them and is responsible for transporting nutrients.  This does not mean eat a fatty burger and fries with a soda and an apple pie for lunch.  When you eat natural, wholesome, non processed foods that are rich in good fats you are doing a good thing for your body.

Instead of starving you need to eat, eat and then eat some more.  May seem crazy but it works.  You can lose weight and improve your overall health by eating and drinking good foods containing healthy fats, fiber and protein all throughout the day.  Foods you should eat more of are: raw nuts, raw butter, raw flax seeds, fruits, raw vegetables, berries, super food supplements, quinoa, oatmeal, leafy greens, green smoothies, sprouted grains, raw honey and grass-fed meats.  Make it a point to eat 2 big meals a day and stay hydrated especially if you are exercising.  Coconut water offers an array of minerals and nutrients to help keep you hydrated and healthy.
The third meal of the day can be a healthy salad, sautéed veggies in raw butter or a homemade soup.


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