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Never Compromise Curves for Cash.

Never Compromise your Curves for Cash means: don’t eat junk to save dollars, cashola, mula, pesos, dallas, dinero….

I am sure if you sit down for about 20 minutes a month you can think of 5 things you can cut out of your expenses to better your health.  We are always compromising that which is most important!  Stop it already.  At the end of the day where will you be if you fall sick or in a hospital due to the excessive abuse to your body from a poor diet?

You only have one life, so take care of it please and start playing for the right team. Surround yourself with people that care about their health too.   It almost seems like high school drama but most people well into their 40’s and 50’s care about being up to par with fashion, designer labels and the latest trends.  Not that its bad to look handsome or beautiful but I think that we can go overboard at times.  I know that people are stuck on superficiality because when I am dressed down and with my kids jumping up all over me and sporting my unfashionable back pack diaper bag as a purse, I don’t get taken as serious as when I am alone, all dolled up and dressed to perfection.  Then people tend to be more responsive whether I am at the health food store shopping or at a group gathering.  That says a lot about what we believe as a culture, and it’s sad.

Your Fendi purse, Movado watch, Coach shoes, diamond earrings, E class car and Pleasantville home should not determine who you are.  So please, take action. Don’t spend your hard earned money on a dream that isn’t yours.  Don’t feel like you must live up to what others say you should be buying.  Guard your heart and defend your health with tooth and nails.  Live life as a gift, give that gift away every day and don’t sell out for the wrong team!

Check back later for Part two:

“Never starve to lose weight; you’ll only get fatter!”

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