First, let me start off by saying that Wonder Woman has nothing on me!

You know kids have a beautiful way of reminding you just how insignificant your woes and wants are.  They have a God-given way of completely humbling the hardest of hearts with sweet potato spit up on your freshly dry-cleaned suit.

I often think that if I offered a stand-up comedy show every week on my adventures in mommy land and my daily health struggles I would win an award.

Here are just a few funny’s that might strike a chord.

We are on our way to the health food store and my beautiful baby boy starts to scream.  It hasn’t even been 5 minutes since we left the house and he is hungry.

Within his high-pitched screaming, we get a “teta -ita” then a “tetita” which means he is calling me.

Yup my son thinks it’s funny to call his mommy “tetita” which in English is like saying booby.

He thinks my name is booby!

Of course who wouldn’t since I am on the couch with him countless hours a day nursing him into a coma?

So we park, I get out of the car sit in the back with him, and assume the “I’m uncomfortable and nursing in the back seat” position.  After what seems like 1 hour it looks like we are finally done.  He is no longer calling me booby and seems quite content. I tell my husband, “Quick honey grab the diaper bag my purse, and the stroller.”  Hubby says, and “Don’t worry I got him I’ll meet you outside.”

I get out of the car, proudly holding my booby monster, and hear my husband yelling at me.

“What are you yelling about??”  I say in a not-so-sweet tone.

I look down only to realize I am in the parking lot approaching Whole Foods with one of my “tetitas” in the “I’m getting a sun-tan” position.

OMGoodness – I can’t reverse quickly enough with baby in hand to get back into the car, fix myself and then reappear as if nothing happened.  Only then I notice I am wearing some of my own milk across the side of my shirt in the form of cottage cheese spit-up.  “Oh well, I hope I don’t run into anyone.”

“I know, I’ll just hold the baby while we walk through the store and no one will notice”.

Who said babies can’t be used as protective gear.  In this case, he was protecting me from further embarrassment and it worked!

From chefs to laundry-mats.  Consulting firms to doctors.  Moms do it all, and we are often looked at as the second class, the piece of liver nobody wants to eat.

But we are not.

We are the superhero no one can ever write about or portray on TV.  We would put Mrs. Incredible, Wonder Woman, JI Jane, and Shira to shame.

We don’t have stock but we have smiles.

We don’t get a raise but we’re constantly raising the standard for how we care for our children.

We may not have the latest fashionable makeup but we have a home full of beautiful colorings our little ones have given us.

MOMS – we are what makes the world go round – Don’t forget that!

Without us the world would be chaos, with us, it still is but that’s another story!

So this Mothers Day – Lift your hands up in the air and give a shout out to all the moms you know who are doing a fantabulastic job.  Be a voice of love and support for the new mamas out there or for mamas who are sick and struggling. Not everyone shares their health or family struggles ( I usually don’t). Sometimes moms can be suffering in silence so be that encouraging woman who helps a friend who is struggling. Laugh, cry and support one another because life is hard.

Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. I laughed with this. It did happen to me once when we were at Disney. I will never forget the look on peoples faces. Its true us moms dont get all the credit we deserve fr all that we do and put up with. Thanks!

  2. May you have a wonderful Mother’s Day…you are truly blessed with the two munchkins and the littlest one.

    Thank you for the love and care you show to all.

  3. I want to say a very special, Happy Mother’s Day to you as well. You are a great mom and a very godly woman. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do!

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