I often get complimented on my skin, at how soft and smooth it looks.  I laugh because I don’t use anything chemical or store-bought on my face.  Its all stuff I make in my little apothecary. From makeup to masks and herbal washes, everything that I use is handcrafted to be free from fragrances, scented oils, chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

One of my favorite recipes for facial care is made by using organic herbs and grains. You can find this blend in my Herbal Apothecary shop.

If you want to enjoy a luxurious face and body wash at home, try using:
-powdered organic Goat’s milk
-organic oatmeal or raw organic oat flour
-powdered chamomile flowers or powdered rose petals (note that if you’re allergic to ragweed you should probably avoid chamomile)

You can mix 1/4 cup of each and store in your fridge.  When you’re ready just place a spoonful in your hand, add some distilled water, honey or raw yogurt to form a paste then apply on your face and or body.  Leave on for a minute or more. Massage gently and rinse off. This is a really nice treatment you can use every day and totally safe.

Here’s some other neat food based beauty hacks that I use:
For bronzer: raw, organic cacao powder
For cheeks: Fresh cut beets make a great natural blush and lip tint. Just dab on the cheeks and on your lips for amazing color. You can also use a blend of powdered organic freeze dried strawberries, beets and cacao powder. Mix and place in a glass jar and store in a cool place. Use a brush to apply or add in a few drops of organic extra virgin olive oil for a liquid blush.

I have so many beauty hacks that I’ve taught over the years in my in person beauty classes. Feel free to reach out if you need help switching from synthetic products to food based/toxin free products.


Blessings 🙂

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