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Learn about the most used and most valuable herbs to have in your medical cabinet. Over 25 herbs are mentioned with their uses and where to purchase them.

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  1. […] The Making of an Herbal Medicine Cabinet – In Time for Flu Season […]

  2. […] The Making of an Herbal Medicine Cabinet – In Time for Flu Season ( […]

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    Great herbal ideas!! How many of these do you have in your herbal medicine cabinet?

    1. Moms Mold Resources

      Thanks for sharing! 💞

  4. These are fantastic suggestions!! I think I have most of these remedies & supplements on hand 🙂

  5. […] No one likes dealing with a miserable cold. congestion and an itchy scratchy throat. We use oregano, garlic and lemon balm and herbal shots with ginger when we feel something coming on.  The most potent brand of Oregano oil I have found so far is called North American Herb & Spice – Super Strength Oil of Oregano.  It tastes strong but just a few drops 1 to 3 times per day has relieved us from the nastiest of cold and flu infections.  Garlic can be mashed and eaten uncooked in everything when a cold or flu is present.  It can also be mashed or pressed and placed in a cup while steeping tea for 15 minutes.  Strain off the garlic and sweeten with honey.  A good tea to do this with is Thyme as you are doubling your anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-spasmodic properties. For a list of must-haves and how to stock your own herbal medicine cabinet click here […]

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