It’s my birthday week, guys. Man has this year been rough. From hidden homelessness again to losing my belongings for a third time due to toxic mold to caring for sick family members and going backward in my healing journey… it’s been another challenging year for sure.

I always dread birthdays because they are a reminder of the years I’ve lost due to toxic mold and chronic illness, but they also remind me that life is oh so fragile and that somewhere around the globe, somebody is suffering through the same struggles as me. That last thought is what pushes me forward every day to keep sharing, keep posting, keep educating, and keep studying.

Because I’m so passionate about helping people, for my birthday, all I want is for you to help me continue raising awareness! Please help me keep sharing important information and continue impacting fellow Chronic Illness warriors around the globe. I’m not asking you for money, lol. Instead, could you grant me these three birthday wishes? 

Wish #1
Could you subscribe to my blog and share it with others in your circle? Just search for the sidebar where it says “Subscribe/Suscríbete” and enter your email address. 

Wish #2
Could you come and follow me on FB. Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest? I’m not very active on Youtube yet, but I hope to start sharing more on that platform this coming year. Also please check out my merch store.

Wish #3
Could you check out my new Podcast in English and Spanish and share them on your social media accounts? I’m sharing valuable and essential information for those affected by mold, chemicals, and those suffering from Invisible Disabilities and illnesses like Fibromyalgia, MECFS, TILT, MCAS, etc.

Now for the fun part. For my birthday week, I want to answer some questions from my audience. 

  1. Where are you from? What is your nationality? I’m from the beautiful state of California. My parents have Spanish and European genes, totaling five countries in my bloodline plus one Island. 

  2. How do you make money? I work full-time from home with a humanitarian organization and my salary covers the bare minimum. I don’t make any money at this time via this blog or my social media platforms. Everything I do is a labor of love. Most of the time I’m struggling to keep my head above water financially, but I love what I do so what can I say. 

  3. What is your favorite childhood memory? Man, that’s a hard one. I guess my most treasured memory would be traveling with my dad and visiting remote places overseas and getting chased by a bull while horseback riding bareback. 

  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? It would be somewhere in a remote Italian mountain village or Ikaria Greece. 

  5. What are your favorite things to do when you have free time? I love to create new recipes, take pictures of the outdoors, watch action and romantic comedies, do research, create herbal medicine, and blend new teas

  6. Favorite food? Come on, I can’t answer that because I love a lot of dishes. But if I had to, I’d say a proper Ragu Alla Bolognese with linguinipolpettes (meatballs) on the side, and a Greek salad with lots of pita and Tzatziki. 

  7. Are you Ok now since your last moldy home experience? I am managing as best as I can practicing mold and chemical avoidance. I got hit hard and regressed greatly healthwise and financially. Since my last hidden homelessness and mold avoidance adventure earlier this year, I’ve been sleeping on an enclosed patio, which was extremely hot during the summer months, so I’m thankful for a temperature change in the weeks to come. 

  8. Favorite Fast Food Place? I don’t eat fast food, but this somewhat fast food joint is amazeballs. YEAHBURGER in Atlanta, GA, has the best organic and gluten-free chicken sandwiches and burgers I’ve ever tasted. Their bowls and salads are awesome too! If you’re driving through ATL you can order online and pick up so you’re in and out quickly. 

  9. How long have you been educating people about health and wellness? It’s been a long journey that all started around when my first child was born, which would be about 20 years. 

  10. Why don’t you share your family’s full name and pictures of your family like other bloggers and wellness educators do? That is simple, I value privacy, and until all of our children are well over 21 years of age, I will protect their right to privacy. I don’t share my full name online or in public circles for the same reason. 

  11. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? In all honesty, I want a plot of land in the mountains and I want to build a safe cabin for us and then build a few tiny cabins for friends who have been injured by mold and chemicals. I want to live off my land and continue offering support to people who are suffering around us. 

That’s it, guys! Thanks so much for your support and for helping me help others. Please don’t forget my three wishes above!
Lots of love to you and yours!
Chemical Free Gal 


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