How are relationships affected by Mold Illness & EI/TILT Podcast Episode 4

I hope you’ll listen to today’s podcast. This is a great episode to share with family and friends.

Below are just a few of the things I touch on during today’s episode:
-Friends being resentful because of your illness.
-Spouses not believing a condition is real.
-Friends and family getting offended because of your illness and your need for accommodation.
-Losing friendships is a sad reality.
-Loved ones should first show respect, second show kindness and lastly, show up.

I also mention these two articles.
1. What Does It Feel Like To Get Sick From Mold/Chemicals and How Can Friends and Family Offer Support
2. Meeting Alan Bell – Author of The New Book “Poisoned”

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I hope you’ll join me.
God bless you!
Chemical Free Gal


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