The Connection Between Toxic Mold and MCS

I created a video to share the connection between my toxic mold exposure and going on to develop chemical sensitivities and intolerances. Please note that toxic mold exposure is NOT the only cause of MCS but it does seem to play a big part in many women I know and have interviewed.

In this, video I talk about the importance of sleeping in a clean environment, mold avoidance, healing from MCS, and a lot more. I also mention being practical during your first mold avoidance experiment. The reason for conducting this experiment is to see how you feel while you are away and to determine if there could be mold in your home, making or keeping you sick.

In the video, I forgot to mention that this advice is just the first step and that the goal is to return to the place you suspect is making you sick, and see how you feel upon re-entry.  Often when you do this you’ll be alerted by your body right away if there is a problem in your dwelling.
Once you’ve done that then you can work on pursuing mold avoidance as described in the last two resources below.


I hope you’ll join me. Here are links to resources mentioned in the video:
1. My Experience & Using Diet to Combat the Health Effects of Mold Exposure

2. Mold Exposure, Clean Air, Leaky Gut & Food Intolerances Oh My!

3. Poll – When did you first start to experience intolerance and sensitivity to chemicals?

4. Moist and Mold Exposure is Associated With High Prevalence of Neurological Symptoms and MCS in a Finnish Hospital Workers Cohort

5. A Beginners Guide To Mold Avoidance

6. Erik Johnson’s book 

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