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Poll – When did you first start to experience chemical sensitivities?


This poll was conducted in a private group for Moms with MCS in June of 2017.

Poll results provide further confirmation that mold exposure can lead to chemical sensitivities/intolerances and a TILT/MCS diagnosis.

Based on results, 59% of women polled with chemical sensitivities or with TILT also knowMCS, started to experience symptoms after their mold exposure, this has also been seen in polls and studies about CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia.

A total of 29 women participated, with the results listed below.

The question was:
When did you first start to have MCS symptoms?

59%  After mold exposure (17 respondents)

10% After a home remodeling project (3 respondents)

10%  After starting a new job where chemicals were used (3 respondents)

7% After a high-stress period and living in an old, dirty apartment building environment (2 respondents)

7% After working in an office construction buildout (2 respondents)

7% After pregnancy and delivery (2 respondents)

7% After surgery with general anesthesia (2 respondents)

3% After having mercury fillings removed unsafely (1 respondent)

3% After exposure to a vanilla scented fridge cleaner (1 respondent)

3% After buying a new car (1 respondent)

3% After a vaccination (1 respondent)

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