Poll – When did you first start to experience intolerance and sensitivity to chemicals?

This poll was conducted in a private group for Moms with MCS in June of 2017.

Poll results provide further confirmation that mold exposure can lead to chemical sensitivities/intolerances and a TILT/MCS diagnosis.

Based on results, 59% of women polled who have chemical sensitivities or TILT also know as MCS, started to experience symptoms after their mold exposure, this has also been seen in polls and studies about CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia.

A total of 29 women participated, with the results listed below.

The question was:
When did you first start to have MCS symptoms?

59%  After mold exposure (17 respondents)

10% After a home remodeling project (3 respondents)

10%  After starting a new job where chemicals were used (3 respondents)

7% After a high-stress period and living in an old, dirty apartment building environment (2 respondents)

7% After working in an office construction buildout (2 respondents)

7% After pregnancy and delivery (2 respondents)

7% After surgery with general anesthesia (2 respondents)

3% After having mercury fillings removed unsafely (1 respondent)

3% After exposure to a vanilla scented fridge cleaner (1 respondent)

3% After buying a new car (1 respondent)

3% After a vaccination (1 respondent)

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