May Is MCS Month-Why Do We Call Ourselves Canaries?-English/Spanish Post

May is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month. MCS is also known as Environmental Illness, Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance, and Environmentally Acquired Illness.

In Spanish, it is referred to as Sensibilidad Química Multiple and or Intolerancia Ambiental. This illness can be brought on after a toxic injury.
Many people develop it after one significant exposure or after multiple exposures. Exposure to construction chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, chemical spills, etc. can cause MCS. It can also be brought on after toxic mold exposure.

Developing this crippling illness over a decade and a half ago pushed me into researching and connecting with other moms who were struggling too. Over the years I’ve met women who also ran businesses, raised kids, and were leaders in their community and in their churches until this illness walked into their life and crippled them.

Being affected by chemicals and by products that contain fragrances forces many to live as if they were in prison. It is an illness that is extremely isolating. It is not very well understood by doctors. There is hardly any support from loved ones, churches, and the medical system. The very people that need to offer help and support often shun us.

This condition is not psychosomatic or something people make up for attention. I would never make up losing precious moments with my children and family in an effort to get attention. That is simply preposterous.

If you know someone who can’t go to many places because of chemicals and fragrances please try to be a shoulder they can lean on. If you know someone who is bed-bound due to this condition, be their advocate, not the biggest critic. Please don’t question their symptoms.
Don’t make them feel as if what they are experiencing isn’t real. There are many studies done on this condition that shed light on how crippling this illness can be.

Lastly, its important to note that as I’ve done research over the years I discovered that about 60% of the moms I polled who developed debilitating sensitivities and mast cell reactions, were exposure to toxic mold. Their exposure triggered a cascade of symptoms and living in a home or working in an office with toxic mold only made symptoms worse. That is why it is so important to rule out your environment when developing sudden or severe symptoms like chemical sensitivities and intolerances.

Today I wanted to give my fellow canaries a big virtual hug. I want you to know that I get you. I totally get the hell and the agony. I’ve been there so many times and I know how hard it is.
Please don’t give up. Please keep pushing forward one day at a time and if you need prayer or encouragement please reach out.
Lots of love.
Chemical Free Gal

P.S. Stay tuned because during May I’ll be sharing helpful information for clinicians and patients regarding this illness. Be sure to follow me on FaceBook, Instagram, and Youtube to receive updates of new posts.

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