What Does It Mean To Be Masked & Unmasked in Regards to Fragrances & Toxic Mold

Hi friends. How often do you find that it is hard to express just how strong a friend or family member’s perfume is or how awful their fabric softener makes you feel? What does it mean when someone says that you are masked and unmasked? I dive into these topics and more my latest YouTube video. 


I’m discussing:

– How is a person masked and unmasked?

– Why cant people who use fragrances and chemicals pick up on how strong they are?

– What can friends and family do to notice chemicals and fragrances around them?

– My unmasking mold sabbaticals and what I saw when I went overseas and came back to the moldy building where I worked. 

– You can go camping to work on becoming unmasked as it related to toxic mold.

– Check out ParadigmChange.me for a powerhouse of information if you’re working on avoiding mold.

– New FB group for people avoiding mold is called “Mold Avoidance Community” 

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  1. Which specific video addresses masked or unmasked with MCS.

    1. Hi there – Sorry about that, it seems the video was deleted by accident. Its now been again again to this post. When you scroll up you should see it embedded in the post.

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