Sunday Reflections- Grief Isn’t Shameful

It’s not shameful to need support! It’s not shameful to be sad or to grieve for longer periods than others.

It’s not shameful to take time to work through your feelings. Everyone is different.

Instead of judging someone, listen to them. Instead of offering advice, acknowledge their pain.

People grieve in different ways, and we can not push, yank, or trample over them because they are grieving differently.

Lastly, people may grieve things that do not include death.

In the middle of so many trials, I often stop to acknowledge just how much our lives have changed since I got sick, and since our family lost a sense of normalcy due to toxic mold.

There can be so many losses each day. When you’re chemically sensitive and have Mold Illness, Lyme, and/or other chronic illnesses, living takes on a whole new meaning. You no longer feel as if you’re living. Every day, life becomes about surviving, about trying to keep your head above water after each loss. This constant cycle of losing and surviving can really crush the strongest of hearts.

And that’s OK. It is OK to feel crushed. It’s OK to grieve for the life you lost or are continually losing.

We have to remember to be compassionate to those around us who are suffering too because everyone is grieving some loss, some of us more than others.

In the mold injured community many are grieving:
The loss of not being able to have children.
The loss of close friends.
The loss of family love and support.
The loss of employment and or a carrier.
The loss of health.
The loss of finances.
The loss of stability.
The loss of belongings.
The loss of adequate housing.

These losses hurt so much and can be so hard to process on a day by day basis, because the suffering is compounded and oftentimes we don’t make time to process through our grief.

Wherever you are today, I hope you know that it’s OK to grieve, it isn’t shameful. It may take you longer than others to work through your grief and that’s OK too. One day at a time dear one.

At the end of it all, whatever we’ve endured and all the loss and survival will serve as a roadmap for those behind us, and that is what always pushes me forward.

Knowing that my sicknesses and hardships and everything I’ve learned can help others, inspires me to keep sharing, to keep educating, and continue encouraging others. 💛

With love, Chemical Free Gal












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