Saturday Thoughs – Be Careful How You Treat Those in Our Community

Being mean spirited and casting judgments on those with disabling and debilitating health conditions is never a good idea. Before you judge or lash out at people in our community, consider these 5 things:

1. Some adults have to sleep/rest longer hours, not because they’re lazy but because their disability or chronic illness requires much more rest than the average individual. This same goes for children, especially those with PANS a form of Autoimmune Encephalitis. Hold your criticism please! Moms and dads with sick kiddos don’t need your opinions on what time their kids should go to sleep and what time they should wake up.

2. When a child or adult has a condition or disability that affects their cognitive function and their nervous system, please don’t bully and be nasty if they don’t comprehend or are unable to follow through with what you’re saying.
Understand that their brain does NOT work like yours and you may have to explain something to them a few times and be patient if they forget.
Getting upset and then lashing out towards a person with a disability is never appropriate. It’s actually emotional and mental abuse.

3. Just because fragrances in laundry products, personal care items and perfume don’t affect you in the same way they affect others, doesn’t mean that people who suffer debilitating reactions are lying.
It’s estimated that anywhere from 15% to over 30% of the population worldwide has a fragrance sensitivity and or suffers disabling reactions to fragrances.

Fragrances like the ones used in rest room air fresheners aren’t regulated for safety and have been found to contain high amounts of petrochemicals. Petro meaning it relates to petroleum. Its estimated that over 90% of the components used to make fragrances are derived from petrochemicals.

Fragranced consumer products—such as air fresheners, laundry supplies, personal care products, and cleaners—contain chemicals that are not disclosed to the public.
No law in the U.S. requires disclosure of all chemical ingredients in a consumer product.
No law in the U.S. requires disclosure of any ingredients in a chemical mixture called fragrance.

In addition to this, there are no laws in the U.S. that require disclosure of the ingredients in any given fragrance. This means you can purchase an all-natural shampoo and if it has the word “fragrance” in the list of ingredients you have no clue what chemicals were added to the product in the manufacturing process. These chemicals can be chemicals that have been banned and known to cause cancer, reproductive issues, neurological damage ect. yet they are allowed.

4. People who can’t tolerate living in moldy homes aren’t running around looking homeless because they want to. They aren’t acting for attention either.
Most likely they’ve lost everything because of toxic mold and are working hard to get their life back. If they say they cannot be in your home or go to a certain coffee shop etc, don’t take offense.
They are physically made ill because of poisons that certain molds emit, the worst of those molds being Stachybotrys, aka black mold. On top of that, many buildings damaged by water have bacterial toxins which can also cause sickness in both humans and animals. This is a very complex issue so it’s best to keep your mouth shut if you don’t know the specifics.

5. Unemployment doesn’t mean laziness or entitlement. People with disabling health conditions, especially those affected by toxic mold and fragrances may find it impossible to tolerate working around fragranced coworkers and or in buildings with water damage. You have no idea how hard they may be looking for employment and the sacrifices they make each day, just to put food on the table. For many, online work is the only option and in some cases even this isn’t possible due to electromagnetic sensitivity.

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