Are all diseases and complex illnesses a matter of genetics? Are you chemically sensitive? Injured by mold?

Are your parents to blame? Not so fast. Genetics load the gun but our environmental exposures and our lifestyle choices help pull the trigger.

“Genetics do play a role in the predisposition for diseases but it is toxicity-induced oxidative injury that causes the disease process to start in the first place.”

Did you understand that? What it means is that you may be genetically predisposed to a certain disease but for that disease to develop and flourish the body must first be injured by toxins which result in oxidative damage to proteins, molecules, and genes.

This is why exposure to toxic molds and chemicals can be so devastating to human and animal health.

Many of the toxins that damage our bodies can be found in our environment, food, and personal care products. As we become more toxic our body gets hijacked by rogue agents and without warning, we are at war with our own body.

An unhealthy body attacked by disease is a very complex issue and not something that can be fixed by a pill or surgery, although at times these things are necessary.

Being healthy requires so much more than exercising or eating well.

I believe that we must take a multifaceted approach and seek to take care of our body on all levels. Removing toxins from our food, personal care products, and our environment is a step in the right direction.
Chemical Free Gal

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