In this post, I wanted to share some of my recent thoughts, and a word of encouragement for those who are navigating through chronic illness as a result of toxic mold exposure and other toxicants.

As we encounter many trials and difficulties throughout our day, let us remember to be kind and show compassion! Some mothers, fathers, and children, are a step away from self-harm or suicide.

Recently, I offered an educational consultation on Mold Illness and Herbal Medicine to a family overseas. Listening to their struggles broke my heart. Hearing how they have been treated by family, friends and even fellow churchgoers was especially hard because it reminded me of things that I have experienced over the last few years.

Families who go through extreme circumstances due to toxic mold are often forgotten about. There are no resources for them, not in the US or overseas. No one cares if they go hungry or have nowhere safe to sleep. They are written off by friends and family and deemed as crazy because they are hypersensitive to mold.

Sometimes they are even told by their church that it’s not normal for them to experience sickness and calamity from mold and that some sin or bad financial habit must be the root cause of their demise.

When they need support the most is when they are turned away.

Everyone in the family who consulted with me was suicidal and extremely depressed while in their moldy flat. They didn’t understand what was happening, why suddenly the world seemed to collapse on them. Thankfully, by God’s wisdom and grace, I was able to help them connect the dots and offer support and guidance during one of the most difficult seasons of their life as a family.

I share this today because that family can be anywhere in your path. Sometimes you’ll see them in a park, or at a grocery store, while other times they may be the family that arrives late to church and sits alone in the back.

Remember: Don’t judge, instead show love.

You never know what a family or a person is suffering through and how alone and sick they feel.

Likewise, you will never know how much a smile, an act of kindness, a helping hand, and a prayer can shatter the darkness and let in some light. Be kind.

Prayer of Encouragement

For the one who is wandering and cannot see a way out, hold on dear one.

This darkness will pass and the sun will shine again and awaken the trees and flowers and as before, they will dance to the wind’s song.

Where barren ground lay, a beautiful garden will grow.

Where all was withered and destroyed, birds will make nests and their song will once again fill the skies.

New life is coming. This darkness won’t last forever. Take heart, dear one.

Be still.
Don’t fret.
You will get through this.
Chemical Free Gal

To hear me read the above prayer to the sound of a piano click the link below.

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