Life is born…and then the days go by so quickly……

Today my baby boy turned one. It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home.
Seeing him grow so quickly and missing the days he was just 6 pounds made me think of everything I write and speak about.

Our Life.

It goes by so quickly, and we have no guarantees or do over’s. It is not like a batch of burned cookies you can toss out and re-bake.
No, the aroma of life lingers on regardless of how we have chosen to spend our time.
That is why it is essential to live out what we were called here to do, whether we are wives, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, husbands, or babies. We are placed on this earth for a purpose.
God has blessed each and every person with specific talents, passions, dreams, and creativity. But sadly, people conform to their 9-5 and never once live out their calling.

Maybe it is art that fascinates you, and you have great skill with a paintbrush. Perhaps you have always wanted to become a professional chef or make beautiful pottery.

Is there something you have dreamed about doing since you were a little child? Do you have an underlining sense that you are not living out your life’s mission and calling?

Don’t give up hope on pursuing God’s plan for your life. No matter how simple or unimportant it may seem. You will never have a sense of fulfillment until you are doing what you were meant to do and you are using the talents God has blessed you with.

You are here for a reason, your mom gave birth to you, and your life in this world began; the days and years passed by quickly, but you are still here; therefore, you still have a shot and doing that thing that makes your eyes glow when you mention it.

For me, it has always been helping others while educating and inspiring people to have better inward and outward health. It runs through my veins 24 hours a day; it is something I tried to stifle for many years but could not hold it down.
My passions and talents have led me to redefine what my life’s purpose is.
So what is your mission?
What do you know you should be doing that you have placed on the back burner and forgotten about?
Awake o dormant soul. Let not the failures and busyness of today define the meaning and value of your tomorrows.
Awake oh dormant soul, for today life is born and tomorrow may never come.
Awake and dare to dream, dance and sing. Bring glory to the one that made you so that your days may be filled with the beautiful essence of the life you were created to live!

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