Make your own Herbal Perfume

I love making my own roll ons and body sprays to use instead of toxic, overpriced commercial products. Not only do they smell great, but by making my own products, I am avoiding all of the cancer-causing petrochemicals used in most perfumes. Believe it or not, over 95% of all fragrances are made with derivatives of petroleum. 

Cheap and expensive brands are all included in the list of toxic perfumes. Not to mention that many people suffer from reactions to perfumes, and children with asthma can have respiratory issues too.

If you want to make your own perfume; an excellent and fast way to do this is to grab some flowers you may have in your own home, or you can purchase at your local health food store.

For your blend, you might consider using

– Fresh or dried organic Rose Petals or Geranium Flowers

– Fresh or dried organic Lavender flowers

– Fresh or dried organic Chamomile flowers

You will need to pick up an inexpensive bottle of Vodka or alcohol-free witch hazel extract.

Once you choose your ingredients, combine them all in a glass jar (like a recycled pasta jar) and add vodka or witch hazel extract until the liquid rises above the herbs by at least 1 inch. Put on the cap to fit tightly and store in a cool, dry, and dark place making sure to shake once or more per day. After 3-5 weeks, strain the herbs using a cotton muslin bag and pour your lovely perfume into a glass bottle with a spray/mister top.

Spray when you want a little lift – it is a quick, natural, non-toxic alternative to most perfumes.


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