One Moms Adventure with Shea Butter & a Canker Sore

There isn’t anything more painful and pestering than a canker sore in your mouth.  Depending on where the sore is located in can be extremely painful to the touch and eating is almost impossible.

Recently while I was brushing my teeth with the baby in arm (he is my little cling on), he smacked the tooth-brush sending it into a downward motion and jamming it into the bottom inside part of my mouth below the incisors.  Right, where we have that little piece of skin that is attached to our lower gums.

It really felt sore and hurt.  I slapped some ice on the outside of my chin and called it a day.  Oh but was I in for a nasty surprise.  The next day I woke up and my entire lower gum hurt.  It was swollen and oh yes a huge gash-like sore started appearing.  The following day a had a huge crater inside my mouth and it was no doubt a canker sore.  It had formed because of the trauma to the area courtesy of my toothbrush.

I could not eat, drink or even move my tongue across the area.  I was a mess.  To think that something so small could hurt so much behooved me.

When I got home from work I ran into my little lab and started working on some mixes for my little problem.  I made a large tea bag with custom herbs to sooth and reduce the inflammation.  This is really fun to do.  Just buy empty tea bags and fill with your own mixes.

So after I had this tea bag stuck in my mouth for 20 minutes I wanted to be able to apply something to the sore that would give me some relief and allow me to eat without cringing.

I reached for my Organic Unrefined Shea Butter.  Took a little dab and applied it (cringe, cringe) to the affected area.  In about 1 hour I was able to enjoy a hot cup of tea and some dinner.  What a fabulous relief.  Before bed, I did another tea bag with inflammation reducing herbs and applied more Shea Butter.

To my surprise the next morning I was able to run my tongue past the area and pull my lip open to look at it without cringing.  This was a fast, effective, non-toxic and inexpensive solution I will be sure to use with my family if and when they have a canker sore.

Shea butter is an amazing and safe alternative to treating many ailments in babies, older children an adults.  It’s so amazing I have written up a little booklet explaining all its benefits and uses for those that are interested.

I also make a blend with shea called Bare to Butter with Vitamin E and herbal oils.  This is a fantastic blend for stretch marks, wrinkles and more.

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4 thoughts on “One Moms Adventure with Shea Butter & a Canker Sore

  1. I just came to the internet to see if anyone else I tried shea butter on their canker sore. Mine started as a crack in the corner of my mouth from dry winter weather. Soon it turned into a quarter inch canker sore coming from the corner of my mouth into my mouth, so painful! But for the past three or four nights I soften my unrefined shea butter and using a Q-tip applied it directly to the canker sore covering it. I slept like that overnight and now my canker sore is almost gone. Glad we’re not the only ones. Hopefully people will find this post and get relief with shea butter.

    1. That’s great! Glad to hear I am not the only one, lol.
      I discovered that shea butter was good for canker sores almost 10 years ago and decided to write this article. I’ve been using it since then.

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