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Mold, Mycotoxins & Mitochondrial Dysfunction, PANS & Mold Exposure, Autism & Antifungals + More.

I’m growing really tired of hearing that exposure to toxic mold cannot affect you. In today’s video, I share a bit of my frustration with people who don’t believe the truth about toxic mold exposure. I share a few studies that discuss how mold and mycotoxins can cause certain conditions. Links to those studies are provided below. I share some of the symptoms we had when while exposed to Stachybotrous and I share a heart-to-heart message about PANS a form of Autoimmune Encephalitis. 

I’m also talking about: 

– Not all molds are toxic. Not all mold is the same.

– Toxic Mold can cause PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) and or worsen existing PANS.

– Some PANS symptoms can include spitting, cognitive decline, irrational fears, night terrors, bedwetting, and more.

– Please don’t criticize PANS/PANDAS parents and mind your comments.

Below are links to studies I read in the video:

– Detection of Mycotoxins in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,had%20prior%20exposure%20to%20WDB.

– Mold Exposure and Mitochondrial Antibodies – Mixed mold mycotoxicosis: immunological changes in humans following exposure in water-damaged buildings

– Effects of Mycotoxins on Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Immune Processes

– Case Study: Rapid Complete Recovery From An Autism Spectrum Disorder After Treatment of Aspergillus With The Antifungal Drugs Itraconazole And Sporanox

– Mold Exposure Sets Stage for Severe Flu,dramatically%20increasing%20the%20illness’s%20severity.&text=In%20order%20to%20reproduce%2C%20the,by%20humans%20and%20other%20organisms.

– Revealed: air pollution may be damaging ‘every organ in the body

For more information on PANS/PANDAS please click here.
For more resources on Mold and Mycotoxins and the effect on health please click here

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