Mind Your Words When Talking With Or About Someone with Illnesses You Don’t Understand

No matter what you do or how you do it, there will always be people who will criticize you, speak ill, and share false information about you. It’s been my bread and butter for quite some time, and it sucks.

In the early years, I remember being at church gatherings and watching people gossip and snicker about me and downplay my health situation. I also remember pushing myself to attend meetings and family events to end up bed-bound for days afterward.

I remember visiting family and having a medical professional show up covered in chemicals and fragrances because “they’re all-natural and shouldn’t cause reactions.”
In the last few years, I remember that after we lost our belongings several times because of toxic mold and didn’t have a home and were sick and grieving, my husband overheard two ladies laughing and making faces as he tried to explain to a friend what was happening to our family.
This has definitely been one of the most challenging aspects of living with illnesses caused by mold toxicity and chemical injury.

Unless someone has felt the heat inside of the hell of these crippling illnesses, they can’t truly comprehend your journey. All they can do is speculate. And speculation hurts people. Uninformed statements hurt people. Generalizations hurt people.
This month, all around the globe, chronically ill people are trying to educate on various invisible disabilities and crippling health conditions, not because they want to whine and complain, not because they want attention, it’s usually because they care.
Personally, I share because I don’t want others to experience the hell I did after accepting a job in an old moldy building.

I don’t want young mothers to cry themselves to sleep and contemplate suicide because their symptoms aren’t believed, and they are gaslighted by their doctors and relatives.
I want people to know that there is hope.

I want them to know that our heavenly Father can carry them day by day.
Whether you like what I do or don’t isn’t my problem. God knows I share from a place of Love for people, and most of the time, I’m sharing from my own brokenness.
It’s easy to criticize people when you don’t understand their situation. Please don’t.
Find ways you can help them instead of tearing them down with your words.

The book of Proverbs in the Old Testament says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Let this be a reminder that we need to choose our words wisely.
With Love,
Chemical Free Gal

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