Random Saturday Thoughts – Health & Hope

🌺Healing takes time, be gentle with yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others.

🌸Not everyone who says they are an expert in a field knows what they are talking about, so do your due diligence.

🌺Beware of professionals in any given field who have a hidden agenda or hold money, power, and status as their God.

🌸Toxic mold and other toxins in our environment can make healthy people and even animals sick, don’t believe that you must have a compromised immune system to have your health ruined. This is simply not true. I’m proof of that.

🌺Remember what the book of Proverbs says and be careful when dealing with foolish people. They despise wisdom, they are right in their own eyes, they are deceitful, their speech is full of foolishness and they do not want wisdom and understanding. Sometimes confronting a fool is merited at other times it is not.

🌸 Help people along the way. You’re not the only one suffering. Helping others is a beautiful thing.

🌺Mold and chemical avoidance are hard. There is no one size fits all solution but healing is possible, so don’t lose hope.

🌸Seize the day, our life is but a vapor.

🌺Trust in God and pray for his wisdom and strength to guide you. I’d be lost or not even here if it weren’t for my faith.

🌸Helping and sharing hope with others who struggle through similar illnesses and life situations has always brought me so much joy! I’ve always believed that if just one person’s life is impacted by what I’ve gone through and what I go through each day, then it’s all worth it. To God be the glory! My prayer is that he would continue to equip each and every one of his children so that through our journey we can share his love and hope with those who are hurting. 💛

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