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It seems like my smoothie madness is catching on lately since every day I have an email or two asking me for more recipes.  Green smoothies are an awesome way to get all the vital nutrients, enzymes and fiber that your body needs.  Here are some more awesome smoothie recipes that we (baby, older kids mom, and dad) enjoy regularly.

Boost a Brain™ Smoothie

Ever felt like your brain needs a boost to help you remember important things and stay focused?  Here is a good smoothie for you that we have made in the past.

1 Organic apple with skin

1 organic cucumber with peel

1 lime, juiced

1 and ½ ripe pears with skin

2 cups of fresh purslane also known as Verdolaga, Pigweed, Little Hogweed or Pusley

2 cups of cold water

Salad to Go Smoothie

1 cup of frozen mango

7 organic mint leaves

1 cup organic romaine lettuce

10 organic spinach leaves

1 cup of water

Hulk in a Cup Smoothie

1 tsp of Amazing Grass greens or 1tsp of powdered wheatgrass

1 cup spinach

½ cup organic alfalfa or clover sprouts

½ organic cucumber with peel

1 cup of frozen mango

½ tsp organic raw coconut oil

1 banana

2 cups of water

Hope you enjoy these smoothies.  They really taste great especially for beginners.  If you find that you need a bit of sweetener, try some pure Coconut Sugar which will not alter sugar levels and it’s a great low-calorie option.

May the Green be with you

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