Meeting Alan Bell – Author of The New Book “Poisoned”

I had the pleasure of meeting Author and Attorney Alan Bell recently. We spoke for quite some time after he signed a copy of my book. He was a prominent attorney in Florida when all of a sudden he became very sick with all sorts of symptoms that baffled his doctors and his family. His story is a story of pain, suffering, and triumph. His story tells the remarkable ordeal he endured for years as he sought to find an answer to the mysterious illness that was plaguing him.

Alan Bell
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I believe that his book is a valuable tool for clinicians, scientists, parents, teachers, and anyone who truly cares about human health.

Time is not on our side. Each year more and more people are adversely affected by the chemicals in our environment. This is not something new. Scientists and health advocates have known about chemicals and biotoxins injuring the human body for decades yet still in this great nation of ours we have no laws to protect us.

I hope that Alan’s book is read across America and that it sparks a social outcry. People who have been injured by chemicals and others who have been injured by toxic mold need to be heard, supported, and helped.

As an injured community we need to have resources at our disposal. We need to find donors who will fund and support campaigns aimed at educating the public, lobbying, and assisting those who have no recourse or options for treatment and medical care. We also need to have establishments understand possible violations as it pertains to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). 

It breaks my heart when I hear of a family with young children living in a car or homeless because of toxic mold or chemicals in their home or workplace.
Yet sadly this is a reality I hear about all too often. Although I have no funding to offer, I do offer my support and help as much as possible to those who are hurting, especially to mothers suffering from chemical injuries and toxic mold exposure.

There is always something we can do, regardless of our financial and social status. That is why I passionately keep up with this site and with various support groups.  There is so much to do here. If we all pitch in we can make a tremendous impact.

Thank you again, Alan, for your impact. Thank you for staying the course and for emerging out of the darkness that enveloped you for so long.
May the work of your hands be blessed.

To purchase Alan Bell’s new book please click here.

“After years of prosecuting hard-core criminals, rising legal star Alan Bell took a private sector job in South Florida’s newest skyscraper. Suddenly, he suffered such bizarre medical symptoms, doctors suspected he’d been poisoned by the Mafia. Bell’s rapidly declining health forced him to flee his glamorous Miami life to a sterile “bubble” in the remote Arizona desert.

As his career and marriage dissolved, Bell pursued medical treatments in a race against time, hoping to stay alive and raise his young daughter, his one desperate reason to keep going. He eventually discovered he wasn’t poisoned by a criminal, but by his office building. His search for a cure led him to discover the horrifying truth: his tragedy was just the tip of the iceberg. Millions of people fall ill and die each year because of toxic chemical exposures―without knowing they’re at risk.

Stunned by what he discovered, Bell chose to fight back, turning his plight into an opportunity. Despite his precarious health, he began collaborating with scientists dedicated to raising awareness about this issue. Soon, he also found himself drawn back into the legal field, teaming up with top lawyers fighting for those who had already fallen ill.
Both a riveting medical mystery and a cautionary tale, this book puts a human face on the hidden truths behind toxic dangers assaulting us in our everyday environments―and offers practical ways to protect ourselves and our children. ” Source

Note for the Chemically Intolerant and Sensitive Community – Several people in my online support group have noted that reading Alan’s book was difficult and in some cases impossible because of the materials used in the printing and binding of the book. Please note that you may have to let this book air (off-gas) for quite some time before reading it. Perhaps Leaving it on a patio or in the sun for a few days can help with the off-gassing. Alan will consider reprinting with safer materials so that chemically injured people will have access to his book.

6 thoughts on “Meeting Alan Bell – Author of The New Book “Poisoned”

  1. I was exposed to stachybotrys aspergillus penicillium and cladosporium on my job as a Federal Ranger at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge due to a faulty HVAC system. The condensation was pouring behind the wall. Black mold formed every where. The air quality report stated no one should enter the building without an osha approved respirator and protective gear. My work space had to be HAZMAT remediation. I developed Arrythmia and tachycardia had a heart attack mini strokes Renal carcinoma had right kidney removed I arrived at a new job in another state in critical condition. I had to be medivac by helicopter 2 hours away. My direct supervisor told me black mold was just a media created sensation. I told each and every clinician about the mold poisons I was exposed to and was disrarded even after providing the air quality report. I developed IBSD, anxiety depression thyroid disease hormone malfunction, food allergies, sleep apnea, and the crime committed against me was I was terminated for being too Ill to be a Federal Ranger. Workman Comp repeatedly denied my claim. My case still being battled in the court system. I lost my promotion opportunity and a chance to retire.

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